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I use Linux on my desktop PC; is there a Linux version of Pegasus Mail?

Please see the following link for David Harris's response to requests for a Linux port of Pegasus Mail [1].

However, we have had unofficial confirmation from several Linux users who have successfully run Pegasus Mail in standalone mode under the popular WINE Windows API compatibility layer for Linux. A snippet of one such response follows:

Pegasus worked "out of the box" with Wine (out of the box too) with the following command line invocation:

   wine --managed -- /path/to/winpm-32.exe -Z 128
   The "-Z 128" tells Pegasus not to bother to look for Winsock, which it won't find.
   I haven't found any real issues with Pegasus on linux yet.

Note that in some cases (if you find that the networking options are all missing or dimmed), you may have to first click on the Tools -> Options... menu item, then click on the Advanced Settings tab, and set the "Load Winsock" section to "Always" or "On-demand", depending upon your Internet connection. Then click OK, exit and restart Pegasus Mail.

Here are several links to web sites dedicated to WINE:

   * http://wine.codeweavers.com/
   * http://www.winehq.com/
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